#raspberrypi #yocto No such device "wlan0" on raspberrypi3 #yocto #raspberrypi



I'm pretty new on yocto project/tools and I'm trying to build a simple image for running a raspberry PI 3.
The raspberry starts well and works well with eth0 network interface. However wlan0 interface seems to not be working.

When trying to start manually the interface I get these messages 

ifup wlan0
Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
rfkill: Cannot get wiphy information
Could not read interface wlan0 flags: No such device
WEXT: Could not set interface 'wlan0' UP
wlan0: Failed to initialize driver interface
ip: SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device

Here is my local.conf excerp for installing wlan for my image : 

DISTRO_FEATURES_append += " bluetooth wifi bluez5"
IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " linux-firmware bluez5 wpa-supplicant"

I'm pretty sure that someone has already done this before me ;)  
Could you tell me if I miss something ?