Difference between: "poky-glibc-i686-core-image-sato-cortexa8hf-neon-toolchain" and "poky-glibc-i686-core-image-sato-cortexa8hf-neon-beaglebone-yocto-toolchain" #yocto

Milun Jovanovic

I apologize community for disturb but I have one simple question
A colleague has left company and now I have a job to update tool-chain from 2.2.2 to something newer.
The latest8by date) release of toolchain with the  same name appears in 2.6.4  release.
There is something that little confuses me , actually I see "my"  processor  in 3.0.1 release but it appears extra  "beaglebone" sting in toolchain.
The question is : May I use 3.0.1 toolchain for cortex8hf ?
Does  presence of beglebone board name makes difference for cortexa8hf  in 3.0.1?



Thank you in advance