externalsrc: enable sstate for git srctrees based on makefile

Rajendran, Vignesh (RBEI/ECF3; ADITG/SW2) <external.vrajendran@...>

Hi Yocto,


I am already aware of sstate never works for externalsrc recipes.


My environment is using externalsrc in recipes for makefile based sources in git.


I am aware that the source is not going to change and only builds one time in my production build.


I want to use sstate if nothing has changed in my next build/bitbake.


Is it possible to enable setscene tasks if the source is in git and srctree_hash_files reports nothing has been changed in git srctree?



Do I have to consider some other constraints as well?


Thanks in Advance.


Best regards

Vignesh Rajendran