[meta-selinux] master-next updated

Joe MacDonald

Happy Halloween, all. There were a few treats left over, so here's one
for anyone using meta-selinux. master-next has been updated with the
latest (stable) userspace tools that will match the refpolicy updates I
did back in September. I'm probably also going to provide another
userspace update to the next stable release when it is out (it's at rc5
the last time I looked) but unless that happens in the next couple of
days, it won't be before we create a 1.7 branch in the layer.

As with any Halloween treat, please check it over carefully before
consuming. If nothing spooky pops up in the next couple of days,
master-next will become master, we'll create the branch and master-next
will again be left to the cobwebs for a little while.


-Joe MacDonald.