Minutes: Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting - Tuesday, January 8, 2013 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Saul Wold <sgw@...>

PaulE, MihaiL, LaurentuiS, TomZ, ScottR, SeanH, EranT, Amit, JessicaZ, Nitin, KevinS, BruceA, CorneliuxS, RossB, Saul and possibly others lurking

* Opens collection

* Yocto 1.2.2 status (Saul for Scott)
- In Full pass testing right now, planning for release next week.
- QA Testing planned by end of week.
* Yocto 1.3.1 / Danny (Ross)
- Few more patches have been merged, ready for QA
* Yocto 1.4 / Milestone 2/3
- Many patches merged, currently we have some major functionality pending for systemd and wayland, there is also an issue with the headers build currently being worked.
- Need to schedule QA for 1.4 based on getting functionality in

* SWAT team rotation: Cristiana Voicu -> Radu Moisan

* Opens - 2 min
- Darren - Deployment
Discussion on the mailing list and in IRC, Assembling images, partition types, ramdisk and filesystems, unifiying filesystem generation without root privs, ext3 and ext4 have gap because of missing functionality. Patches being reviewed on EXTFS mailing list, needs some test suite
Mark: Installs based on package feeds, run same bitbake code for image generation. Working on it currently, expect RFC in a couple of weeks.
Script with config files. Cross or target based install via some interface, using same bitbake backend code. Still Prototype mode.
Darren: Live and Partitioned images is sub-optimal, parted type script to create disk image, POC created, but needs integration work
Memory based FS, Disk Based and Live Type.

- Scott Rif - Bitbake Manual
Bill Traynor would like review of the manaual, please take a look
- Corneliu - Testopia
- Officially Launched:
- Open to the community to add tests or create test plans
- https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Testopia
- Contact Corneliu if you have questions, please contact
- extensions planned for the wiki to generate

* Team Sharing - 10 min
Alex D: Wayland Patches are on the list for review, ran into an issue with eglibc-initial
RP: DUring his vacation, playing with RaspberryPi: http://www.rpsys.net/avrpi.jpg


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