Biweekly Status Report WW48~49'2010 --OSEL SDK Liping Ke

Ke, Liping <>

1. OSEL SDK related jobs
2. Others

SDK related jobs:
1. Finished a rough shell script ADT(SDK) installer
We can now successfully install selected native sdks and tar the select root fs through
the testing repository.
The flow is now whole and smooth and most of the code (config validation checking, all necessary
Installation and untar processing code are finished.). Prompt code and log code will
be refined in the following days (Monday and Tuesday).
2. Pushing TCF upstream
Windriver's senior engineer tool's leader Martin jump out and raised several issues. Some small 7 issues
have been fixed and I have submitted the modified patch. I will wait to see if they would accept the
patch and left the hard-to-solve problem to login-service.
But still, he wanted us to make a statement to solve the "prompt problem" in login service(telnet service
now face the same problem) . But since TCF framework does not consider login at current stage,
according to lianhao's input, implementing agent side login service will take several weeks effort at least.
Considering the hard-to-use problem Gary met recently, we might consider if there's work-around/hacking ways.
1. Take 1.5 days' annual leave and half day's sick leave
2. Take weekly project meeting and technical sharing meeting.

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