Re: Correct procedure for rebuilding after a git pull

Jim Abernathy

On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 9:21 AM, Burton, Ross <ross.burton@...> wrote:
On 3 October 2012 14:05, James Abernathy <jfabernathy@...> wrote:
> Now I see a bunch of patches pushed to Denzil branch and I want to test
> them.  My build directory is untouched since the successful build before.
> What do I do to rebuild my project to include the latest patches.  I've
> tried things like "bitbake -c cleansstate core-image-cdv-media" before the
> new "bitbake core-image-cdv-media" and I've tried just rebaking by itself.
> Something always fails.  I've learned that to really test I have to
> completely delete my build directory saving only my local.conf and
> bblayer.conf.

Just git pull ; bitbake should work -- all of the packages that
changed will rebuild without any problems.

That's the theory, and everyone who works against oe-core/poky master
does this ever day (including me).

Can you give an example of something that fails?
The most recent patch update to Denzil included some Cedartrail BSP updates to the CDV PVR driver.  I was traveling last week and I was out of date on my poky and meta-intel by at least that long.  Monday was the pull.  So when the rebuild happened, I got a cdv-pvr driver configuration error.  I didn't look into why because of my experience of this taking longer than a complete rebuild.  So I deleted the build directory and did the rebuild.  And I didn't get the error on the rebuild.  Everything still works fine for me on that BSP.
Jim A

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