Correct procedure for rebuilding after a git pull

Jim Abernathy

So I'm looking for the right way to do this.  Here's the scenario.  I do a complete build of the image core-image-cdv-media for the cedartrail machine.  No changes from the basic BSP, except for the addition of my meta-layer that include test audios and videos to help test the media playback using gst-launch.  I'm tracking the latest Denzil branch.  So everything works well to this point.
Now I see a bunch of patches pushed to Denzil branch and I want to test them.  My build directory is untouched since the successful build before.  What do I do to rebuild my project to include the latest patches.  I've tried things like "bitbake -c cleansstate core-image-cdv-media" before the new "bitbake core-image-cdv-media" and I've tried just rebaking by itself.  Something always fails.  I've learned that to really test I have to completely delete my build directory saving only my local.conf and bblayer.conf.
Am I missing something or is a complete rebuild the only way to get the new patches in and a successful build??
Jim A

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