Re: Cannot do atom-pc build with meta-cedartrail

Mihai Lindner <mihaix.lindner@...>

On 2012-09-27 14:31, Burton, Ross wrote:

If I add meta-intel and meta-cedartrail to my bblayers, when I try and
do an atom-pc build (which I thought should still work, right?) I get
the following error:

NOTE: Error during finalise of
ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing
Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was
${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception FetchError:
Fetcher failure for URL:
Please set SRCREV to a valid value

That's a bug, right?

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That's a bug alright.
It seems the overall SRC_URI of linux-yocto is overwritten by meta-cedartrail layer, when included. Should be fixed by using SRC_URI_cedartrail instead.

Mihai Lindner

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