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Zhang, Jessica

Hi Joy and Kishore,


2 things you need to fix/check:


1.       Please extract your toolchain to /opt/poky, basically go to your root directory “/” and run “sudo tar –xvjf path to your toolchain tar ball”.  Extract toolchain to a user specified directory is a feature of 1.3 so your 1.2.1 toolchain won’t support it. 

2.       Base on the error seems your toolchain and your target arch is mismatch, for example if your toolchain is i686-arm(host x86 32bits and target arm) and you set your target arch as i586, then it won’t work.


All the toolchain and sysroot setup is clearly documented in our ADT user manual please follow the steps list there.





From: Bodke, Kishore K
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To: Shetler, Joy; Zhang, Jessica
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Subject: RE: Yocto info


Copying to the Yocto Mailing list.


Is anyone familiar with Eclipse tool  and Yocto Project ADT?





From: Shetler, Joy
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This is a company that is building several thousand embedded boards for ISG.  They are having trouble setting up the Eclipse tool.


Can you help with this?




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Hello Joy,

We are having a little problem, as shown in the attachment where we expect both toolchain and host arch to be x32, but we keep getting error.

Is there a document to guide the settings step by step ? If not, have you encountered this problem before and how did you solve it ?



On 2012/9/26 上午 12:04, Shetler, Joy wrote:



Yes, you can use Linux drivers in the Yocto build.  You do not need a driver that is specially designed for Yocto.


We are building a Yocto image for Cedarview that will be targeted for the DE2i-150 board.  I have been setting up the tools and environment to do this.





From: Terasic - David Wei [mailto:david@...]
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 5:37 AM
To: Shetler, Joy
Subject: Re: Yocto info


Hello Joy,

It seems this one has kernal of Cedarview and driver of VGA only. It's missing drivers for other peripherals. Do you know where we can get the rest drivers on Yocto ?

By the way, do you know if the driver of HDMI and PCIe WiFi under Yocto is available ? If so, could you help us build the custom image when the time comes ?

Many thanks,


On 2012/9/12 上午 02:00, Shetler, Joy wrote:

The description below is for a Yocto binary file in the BSP package. on how to obtain a copy of the BSP binary for CedarView.

1.1.1                             Linux - Yocto distribution

The Yocto project is


A BSP (Board Support Package) for the

 Yocto distribution is available on the following webpage:


Select the BSP download page from there.



The BSP package for the Intel® Atom™ Processor N2000 and D2000 Series-based Platform (CEDAR TRAIL) with PowerVR Graphics, which supports CedarView is available on the download page (as shown next).


Steps to use binaries w/o modification:

Get a USB based Flash storage device.

Copy the tarball onto a “host” Unix system.

Untar – tar –svfj <tarball_file_name>

Mount the device on a “host” Linux system.

Use the commands provided in the README file to setup the binary on the USB device as a “bootable” image.


The latest version available for CedarView is the following:

This can be used as a starting point for checking out the system.  Linux SW drivers can be added.


There are some limitations on long term usage.  So, ideally a new image needs to be developed specifically for the DE2i-150 board.






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