Re: 1.3_M5.rc2 status.

Paul Eggleton

On Wednesday 26 September 2012 15:28:51 Wolfgang Denk wrote:
In message <1767865.bvfduhkKG5@helios> you wrote:
On Wednesday 26 September 2012 15:06:53 Wolfgang Denk wrote:
this is expected, at the moment you need to follow the instructions
and make the appropriate changes to your conf/bblayers.conf. However,
there is a patch out for review that we would like to include for the
final release which will take care of this automatically for you.
Thanks. Please excuse my ignorance: where would I find the respective
It does have some very brief instructions in the error message:
Please compare the two files and merge any changes before
Matching the version numbers will remove this message.
"meld conf/bblayers.conf
/home/wd/git/eldk-5.3/meta*/conf/bblayers.conf.sample" is a good way
to visualise the changes.
I appreciate this is not as helpful as it could be, hence why we are
working to do this automatically for the user.
Ah, OK. Well, I decided to update meta/conf/sanity.conf to have a
matching value of LAYER_CONF_VERSION, so this is solved.
That will work, but normally you would edit conf/bblayers.conf, since
meta/conf/sanity.conf is part of the metadata.



Paul Eggleton
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