Re: RFC: "Demo Use Cases" documentation for the web page

Tian, Kevin <kevin.tian@...>

From: Darren Hart
Sent: Friday, October 22, 2010 7:01 AM

Media Network Demo
We're looking to have a section on the web site for the demo that
explains what each use-case is and possibly how it can be replicated.
I'm taking the approach of describing each image. Consider the

The Yocto Project launch event at ECLF 2010 featured a
multi-architecture Media Network Demo. All the source for this demo is
available in the meta-demo git repository as a layer for the poky build

The following images made up the demo:
o poky-image-nas
o poky-image-mediatomb
o poky-image-rygel

The poky-image-nas image boots your device as a network attached storage
device. It provides a DHCP service and an NFS server. We used this image
to store all our media.

The poky-image-mediatomb image adds a UPnP content provider via the
mediatomb package. This image mounts the media share from the NAS and
makes it available to UPnP renderers.

The poky-image-rygel image provides gupnp tools and the rygel media
renderer along with the sato desktop. The renderer can be controlled
locally or via any control point on the network. Several devices can run
this image and stream media from the mediatomb device.

Open Questions
o Is this more or less what we are looking for?
boards list used in this demo.

Also a simple figure is always more intuitive to catch the intention here. :-)

o Should we modify the mediatomb image to:
o automatically mount a specific share from the NAS?
o add something to the config to automatically scan the
media share?
o The poky-image-rygel description needs to be updated as we finalize
the package.
One thought is, could we convert this demo page into something more useful
as the collection for various use cases on Yocto which can be contributed by
any user, and then here UPnP is the 1st example?


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