Re: Media Network Demo: Black Sand and Netbook

Tom Zanussi <tom.zanussi@...>

On Thu, 2010-10-21 at 15:44 -0700, Darren Hart wrote:
I build mediatomb and rygel live atom-pc images from today's poky/master
+ meta-demo/master. I booted mediatomb on the BlackSand and rygel on the
netbook. I had to manually start the rygel renderer on the netbook. I
didn't see gupnp-av-cp on the rygel image as I expected and the
gupnp-universal-cp command failed to start on the netbook (via a sato
terminal) complaining about missing icons. If I tried to stabrt this
over an ssh - connection, the gupnp-universal-cp started fine (strange).

I could run gupnp-av-cp from my laptop (Ubuntu 10.10) and play music
from mediatomb on the rygel renderer. (YAY)

What I'd like to see is for gupnp-av-cp to start automatically after the
sato desktop loads on each renderer. This would make each renderer a
standalone player.

So, it's functional (awesome!) and I see these ARs as pending for the
demo images:

[ ] add gupnp-av-cp to the rygel image
I think this is already done - I have it on my image and it works for

[ ] start rygel on boot (after networking)
[ ] start gupnp-av-cp after the sato desktop loads on the rygel image
[ ] setup networking on each of the non-nas images to dhcp on eth0
eth0 on the rygel image seems to come up ok, it's just the mediatomb
image that doesn't afaics. I'll probably look into this tonight.

I also added a small change in tom/demo that allows the mediatomb image
to do nfs. After doing that, I was able to mount an nfs share from my
laptop on the Black Sand, and have mediatomb add all the media there.


With the above, each image should boot to a functional state with no
manual interference required.

How much of the above is already planned and how much do we need to get
an owner for?

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