Milestone 4, RC2 Build

Saul Wold <saul.wold@...>


Given the issues we had with the Eclipse and ADT installer during the RC1 build and we decided to forgo the existing RC1 build and restart with an RC2. There have been no changes to the Poky RC1 branch, but we moved Eclipse forward to pick up some changes.

The current Autobuilder build artifacts are located at

This includes the Eclipse plugin and adt-installer, there should be 2 versions of the installer if I understood Beth correct, please use the one marked adt-installer-QA when it's populated.

I have seen 3 build failures, all related to libowl-av and sato rootfs, they are in Atom-pc, qemuppc and mpc8315 targets. I am going attempt a rebuild of the nightly-ppc standalone. There was also a failure in the p1022, which I think Matthew is aware of.

All major repos have been have been Branched and we are using the 1.3_M4 branch, git hash dd3edc9fbb674682947e8218202fdbeef8635dd5

Thanks for your support in checking out these milestone.


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