Yocto project 0.0 Release Readiness Review

David Stewart

Attending: Paul, Davest, Dirk, Richard, Saul, Alex, Mark, Jessica, Bruce, Darren


Goal: Review the release criteria and make a clear decision to see that we're ready to release.


Summary: Launch criteria met with these exceptions:

                * BSPs for Tunnel Creek coming by end of November

                * Documentation and web site will become live over the weekend for check out

                * One high open bug (issue with zypper on targets) to be addressed early in post-launch time frame, OK for now

                * Medium open bug count is higher than desired; major focused effort on resolving bugs in next dev cycle

                * Full test report for all architectures pending - will review by end of week


Decision: Go for launch




Features Completeness -  100%

                Exceptions relative to the features on the product requirement:

                                Tunnel Creek BSP - will be available by end of November

                                Documentation - the basic pieces are there, more are coming in post 0.9 launch

                                Several engineers unfamiliar with the project are taking the existing bits and making sure they can do a build without hand-holding. This should be complete by latest on Sunday.


Bug Status:

                Note: these bug count goals are suggestions for now, we need to


* No High Bugs. Actual bugs below:

                190 - an enhancement, will be addressed for the 0.9 release

                443 - zypper segfaulting on some architectures parsing package list on some images.  Zypper really needs to be rearchitected early in the 1.0 cycle. Just use RPM directly. Document.

                477 - Certain Python modules don't work on the target, late breaking, will downgrade to medium


* Medium Bugs < 15

                51 total are open now, 7 will be addressed before launch

                Does not meet the criteria, but as these are documented we believe they are acceptable to ship with.

                We need to do a serious effort to reduce the bug count for 1.0.

                We also need to analyze our bug handling process in the next planning meeting.


* Low Bugs < 30

                37 are open now.


* No Undecided Bugs

                May include some which come in very late and have not been dispositioned yet.


Unit Tests Completed - 100%

Test Cases Completed - 100%

                What was planned was completed. Would like to expand this going forward.


Sanity Test – 100%

BAT Testing – 100%

Full Test – 90% Passing

                93% completion for all architectures for QEMU and iA hardware

                Need report on ARM, PPC and MIPs hardware - Saul


Legal & License – Have Legal & Open Source PDT Approval

                Have completed all required legal review


Docs – Pass stakeholder review & Publish to Website

                Currently in process and under review, should be available for review

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