configuring WiFi in Yocto

Jim Abernathy

When I configured WiFi with Yocto on a n450 based netbook, all I had to do was get the right drivers for the hardware included in the Yocto 3.2 kernel, then I could use the GUI Connection Manager to configure the WiFi so the hardware would connect to my WiFi network.

However, I'm now trying to configure a different WiFi on a Cedartrail system. The card is a Realtek RTL8188CE and the hardware is a DN2800MT Cedartrail board. For Cedartrail the current BSP under Denzil is on kernel 3.0. Not sure what made the difference, but Connection Manager does not have an option for Wireless networks.

iwconfig list both lo and eth0, both of course have no wireless extensions. I was expecting to see wlan0. If I do lspci -v, it shows I have my RTL8188CE hardware connected to the kernel module rtl8192ce, which was loaded in support of the wifi card along with the other modules I put into my config fragment file:

What does it take to get the wlan0 device so Connection Manger will recognize it?

Jim A

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