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David Stewart

Good advice. A quick check of openembedded-core shows that gst-ffmpeg appears to be one of the packages available. Yes, definitely check the hob.

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Hi - please take a look at the FAQ here:

Near the bottom there are some technical answers, one of which is how
to add a single package:

Q: How can I add a package to my project?

A: As with any complex system, the real answer is it depends, but of
course that is not very helpful. The simplest method for adding a
single package to your build is to add a line like this to

IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " package"

Use your own package name in place of package. Note the leading space
before the package name.
For more information, read this chapter in the Yocto Project
Development Manual

I also highly recommend trying out the Hob interface, as it makes the
whole system easier to understand. I like to make changes in the Hob
and then examine those changes in the resulting configuration files to
better understand the system at work.

Hope this helps!

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 1:26 AM, aaryak gautam <aaryak.gautam@...>

I am a hobbyist and quite new to both Linux and Yocto.
I had already compiled my Yocto kernel for I.MX23 successfully.
But I want to add few packages.
Like if i want to have ffmpeg in my yocto,how should I add it?
I have gone through the documentation,but could not understand.

can you help me out?
I am using Bitbake core-image-minimal , not sato.

Thank You.
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