Seth Bollinger <seth.boll@...>


Will anyone recommend some classes regarding yocto and open embedded?  It would be nice to get up to speed quickly and into the nitty gritty instead of an overview.

Something covering the following items would be nice:

1.  How should projects be laid out?  Distro, image, task, BSP, what things should go where?
2.  How should subprojects inherit from superprojects?  If you need to create many subplatforms from a base platform, what's the best way to go about this?
3.  How should classes such as distutils be created to be inherited by other recipes (ruby modules that require a C extension to be compiled would be one example).
4.  How should hardware specific software be handled?

I fear that (as a newb) I will design a layout that will be sub-optimal, but we'll discover that after we have 25 platforms that will need major refactoring.  :)



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