Minutes: Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting - Tuesday, August 14, 2012 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Liu, Song <song.liu@...>

Mark, Jessica, Ross, Beth, Saul, Kevin, MichaelH, JeffP, Nitin, Dave, LaurentiuS, Paul, Richard, ScottR, ChrisL, Bogdan, LaurentiuP, Bruce, Sean, Song
* Opens collection - 5 min (Song)
* Yocto 1.3 status - 10 min (Song/team)
-QA(Laurentiu): tested on the master last week. Have some bugs opened. No issue on qemu, HOB is clear, ADT has more issue. Most of the issues are in core build system. Will start testing on RC1 this week.
Beth: which build did you test? Laurentiu: used some partial build and master. As long as we know the commit, we can start testing.
- Release (Beth): ab/1.3 status
. ab, one of ab's is not working well, will work on this today. There is a bug last week caused problem, has been corrected, will push that out to AB today.
. 1.3 M3 is building on a new RC. So far so good, no major issues.
- Status wiki page updated. Got CCB approval for high items we moved from M3 to future milestones.
- Bug trend: open above-medium bugs are going up. There is a steeper uptick this week, that is due to our priority change to use new settings. Would like to ask the team/community to focus more on bug fixing. If anyone in the community has any free cycle, please try to help fix any bug you can help.

* SWAT team rotation: Paul -> Jessica
- 4 new members joined: LaurentiuP, LaurentiuS, MihaiL, StefanS
* Opens - 10 min
Richard: Bitbake console UI change
- heads-up, this is about knotty and knotty-2, the idea is to fix that and make it a default. We talked about it in 1.2. Now we would like to make into 1.3. Plan is to get this in by the end of the week.
* Team sharing - 20 min
Michael: last week moved all public ip's to new spaces, which gave us better protection. Had to work on wired hours. 4am. Working with Beth to fix abs, documented how and why, trying to make more things automatic. Collaborating with laurentiuP on bug statistics. Updated all the kernels for service oriented machines. Bugzilla has issues with some queries. Coming week, solving AB scripts and IRC bugs.
Saul: take the next batch in the next 24 hours, running a little behind on this. Has been dealing with issues with 1.3 release.  
Paul: worked on swat tasks last week, diagnosing issues. This week back to general bug fixing. Will send out an RFC for reworking some task recipes to make them more useful. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Feedback we got: existing task recipes are not very useful. So will do some analysis and see what's missing. One obvious thing is that Obsolete tasks will be pulled out. Sean: a couple of guys in mentor are working on this. In a process integrating different things into Yocto.. Will collaborate more on this.

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