Re: Question about dependency graphs of building busybox

Burton, Ross <ross.burton@...>


On 13 August 2012 10:42, ☆星空☆ <treebody@...> wrote:
Recently I am learning to see how the poky build busybox.Because there
exists too many recipes and files related,I want to find out the detail
process or dependency graphs of building busybox.And now I use "bitbake -g
-u depexp busybox" to see the process,but it failed when I execute the
command. Following is the message console output :

** (bitbake:2454): WARNING **: Command line `dbus-launch
--autolaunch=686c0ec16da125f1568f5d990000000a --binary-syntax
--close-stderr' exited with non-zero exit
status 1: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.\n
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
I'm surprised that dbus-launch is being invoked, my only guess is that
a GTK+ module is using DBus and that is attempting to initialise.

However, if X11 initialisation is failing then you won't have much
luck with depexp - it's a X11 application. If you're running on a
server without X11 then you can't use depexp. By using "bitbake -g
busybox" you'll get the dependency graph in .dot format, which you can
browse on another machine using something like XDot


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