Re: [meta-fsl-ppc][PATCH 2/2] fsl.conf: Let linux-qoriq-sdk-headers-nativesdk provide linux-libc-headers-nativesdk

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On 07/07/2012 12:39 AM, McClintock Matthew-B29882 wrote:
On Jul 6, 2012 5:35 PM, "David Nyström" <David.Nystrom@...<mailto:David.Nystrom@...>> wrote:
Yes this was my suggestion, since you might not want to change the nativesdk kernel headers for all machines in all BSP layers, if the distro is using multiple BSP layers, which it probably should be able to do.
Setting this with machine overrides in distro.conf is possible but quite messy IMHO.
Furthermore , the nativesdk is set by ?= in machine.conf, any distro.conf wanting to alter this to a global setting can easily override with =
I actually agree and was hoping to move everything possible out of distro.conf files. And make it easy as possible for folks to use meta-fsl-ppc in their own distro.


Hi, it looks like this was merged to the denzil branch, and PREFERRED_PROVIDER_linux-libc-headers-nativesdk was moved back to distro.conf.
Any reason for this ?

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Subject: Re: [yocto] [meta-fsl-ppc][PATCH 2/2] fsl.conf: Let linux-qoriq-sdk-headers-nativesdk provide linux-libc-headers-nativesdk

On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 5:49 AM, David Nyström <David.Nystrom@...<mailto:David.Nystrom@...>> wrote:
So that about a disto refusing this and possibly other BSP layers ?
Should the disto.conf select of nativesdk be made machine specific on all machines in meta-fsl-ppc ? And one added target after a meta-fsl-ppc rebase would break stuff, I guess.
I don't quite follow... you are suggesting we have

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_linux-libc-headers-nativesdk ?=

in the machine.conf files instead?

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