Re: Incorrect warning: preferred version linux-libc-headers_3.3 of linux-libc-headers not available (for item linux-libc-headers)

Elvis Dowson

Hi Bruce,

On Aug 9, 2012, at 6:50 PM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:

On 12-08-09 10:48 AM, Elvis Dowson wrote:

In my local.conf I have set the following variable

PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-libc-headers = "linux-libc-headers_3.3"

Have you tried dropping the "linux-libc-headers" ?

i.e. PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-libc-headers = "3.3"

Ahh, ok, that worked. 

Along similar lines, if I had to explicitly set the gcc version, is it correct to specify the following variables?

PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc = "gcc_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-cross = "gcc-cross_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-cross-initial = "gcc-cross-initial_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-cross-intermediate = "gcc-cross-intermediate_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-cross-canadian = "gcc-cross-canadian_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-crosssdk= "gcc-crosssdk_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-crosssdk-initial= "gcc-crosssdk-initial_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-crosssdk-intermediate= "gcc-crosssdk-intermediate_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-runtime = "gcc-runtime_4.6"
PREFERRED_VERSION_libgcc = "libgcc_4.6"

Best regards,

Elvis Dowson

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