Re: build error pandaboard on master

Jim Abernathy

On 08/01/2012 02:59 PM, maniacbug wrote:
Yup, I can verify that denzil builds and runs on Pandaboard with meta-ti 30fb40ebc13614a74c2e237927c60ac43e01d1bc. Haven't tried master, but don't see a need if denzil is going to work. BTW, I did not find it necessary to use meta-oe.

Both core-image-base and core-image-sato are working swell, except for sound. Though the latest omap4 kernel has lots of improvements in that area, so I'm in the midst of upgrading it to see if thatfind helps.
I got core-image-minimal to build and boot, but not core-image-sato. pulseaudio issues/ couln't build at all.

Jim A

Yes, this is a rather touch ball of twine with all these layers - they
have to
be properly aligned to get something that builds.
Wow, try it WITHOUT Yocto/Poky. Yocto project seems to add stabilization and documentation to OE, which is about the only thing that makes it possible to get started at all :)

Work arounds:
* You could checkout meta-ti to something that matches denzil
Revision 30fb40ebc13614a74c2e237927c60ac43e01d1bc works for me.
I would actually call this the CORRECT solution, not just a workaround. meta-ti should create a denzil-tracking branch from this commit.
How in the world you knew how to find that commit number is the part that amazes me
This commit was identified and discussed on the meta-ti list as the point of departure from denzil, that's how I found it, myself.

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