creating SD card for booting Yocto image on Pandaboard

Jim Abernathy

I have not seem a procedure documented for creating an SD card with the Yocto image that works in a Pandaboard Rev A2.

I have created a core-image-minimal and core-image-sato successfully. I followed the basic procedures on pandaboard wiki to format the SD card. After formating the card, I can insert it into an Ubuntu 12.04 system and the /media/boot and /media/rootfs devices are mounted automatically. Using the files in tmp/deploy/images, I copy the files as below:

cp MLO-pandaboard-2012.12 /media/boot/MLO
cp u-boot-pandaboard-2011.12-r8.img /media/boot/u-boot.img
cp uImage-3.1.0-r0-pandaboard-201207300170622.bin /media/boot/uImage

tar -xjf core-image-minimal-pandaboard.tar.bz2 -C /media/rootfs/

Am I missing a step? It starts booting the kernel, but that's is, no more output on the console.

Jim A

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