Re: ERROR: Task 7 (/tool/yocto/poky/meta/recipes-core/meta/, do_populate_sdk) failed with exit code '1'

Elvis Dowson

Hi Paul,

On Jul 30, 2012, at 9:18 PM, Paul Eggleton wrote:

FYI, we do do this already for most significant changes, and it was done for
this one. The trouble with this specific issue is, if you happened to build a
normal image prior to building meta-toolchain or indeed any other user of
do_populate_sdk, the error will not occur because rpmresolve-native would
already have been built; hence why this was missed.
Ah, I see. I normally alway build meta-toolchain, so that I get the cross compiler
built first, before trying to build core-image-minimal.

Best regards,

Elvis Dowson

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