Re: New issue with git fetcher?

Richard Purdie <rpurdie@...>

On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 18:00 -0700, Scott Garman wrote:
On 10/18/2010 05:54 PM, Scott Garman wrote:
Hi Richard,

This afternoon I performed a build from scratch using master, which
included your git fetcher change to use mirror tarballs
Thanks for testing and reporting this quickly, its appreciated.

As a follow-up, when I revert this commit, -c clean and then -c fetch
succeeds for linux-wrs.
but fails for libzypp :/.

I started debugging the fetcher code and the whole thing basically fell
apart as I was finding all kinds of issues, some of which we're just not
hitting by pure luck. I had hoped that code would last us into the 1.0
development window when I've some significant fetcher changes in mind.
Short summary is that its not going to do that.

I've pushed some more invasive changes to the fetcher in the Poky master
branch. I'd appreciate the teams help in finding out if these work or
not, with both existing builds and with totally fresh from scratch

If they prove not to have major issues we're likely to merge these into
the release branch as what is there is going to bite people and look
rather bad.



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