Re: Building all packages using the released toolchain

Tian, Kevin <kevin.tian@...>

From: Rick De Laet
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2011 9:22 AM

I am new to yocto, I have installed yacto on Fedora 12.

I was trying to follow the steps in the getting started guide and was
trying a build with "bitbake make-native" and got some build errors in
"elfutils", but it was using the compiler in my Fedora distribution. I
The make-native is required on Fedora14. So you don't need that step and
Instead you could directly:
Bitbake poky-image-sato

Btw, could you post your errors?

For native packages, yes the host compiler from your distribution is expected btw.

have also downloaded the toolchain in /opt/poky, and manually reran
configure in the elfutils to use the compilers in /opt/poky and it built

What config changes do I have to make so that bitbake builds everything
using the toolchain compilers rather than the default gcc? (i.e have it
run each configure script so that it specifies the toolchain compiler
rather than use the default compiler)

I did run the environment script


but apparently more is required
This makes me a bit confused what you're tempting to do. Did you try to build
a complete sato image, or want to use pre-built image and downloard toolchain
to develop application? For the former you don't need the later /opt/poky
stuff. For the latter you don't need build any native packages since all the toolchains
are already there.

Kevin s

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