Re: FW: Unable to start X on Yocto 1.2

Marc Ferland <ferlandm@...>

"Murugayah, Kanapathy" <kanapathy.murugayah@...> writes:

Hi I am having some issues with Yocto 1.2 on Crownbay.

After building an image (core-image-sato) with crownbay bsp + emgd, it
fails to startx.
Your problem is surely related to this:
[1442948.073] (II) LoadModule: "emgd"
[1442948.075] (WW) Warning, couldn't open module emgd
[1442948.075] (II) UnloadModule: "emgd"
[1442948.075] (EE) Failed to load module "emgd" (module does not exist,

Looks like the module is absent from your image. Check that you
correctly selected "crownbay" and not "crownbay-noemgd" in your


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