Re: Yocto WebHob update

David Stewart

Nice update!  I particularly like the availability of the sources and source manifest.

Not sure how we will be able to do the “test” feature on page 28 across the web.




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Hi everyone,


Here's the latest update (2.0) from the London team on the WebHob design



There's a PDF of all the screens of the latest version (v.2.0) of the application, a link to the GitHub we have setup for the HTML5 prototype development and a screencast of the v.1.8 showing our design thinking around WebHob and our vision for how it will work.


This past week we've been working on integrating the CSS, HTML fixes and some Javascript work on the front end.


You'll also notice all the graphic work we've been doing as well.


As always everything is on GitHub and feedback is very welcome. Thanks.



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