Re: Some questions about the webhob design

David Stewart

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Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 3:20 PM
Templates are for starting new projects from scratch, as in the current hob
they are for starting new builds from scratch. Changes to a project's
configuration are saved to the project itself immediately - there's no need to
hit "save" anywhere; that's why it has to be reflected in real-time for other
logged-in users. If you close the browser in the middle of configuring the
project then some time later re-log in, the project's configuration will be
exactly how you left it (assuming nobody else has changed it in the mean
Guys - I'm really struggling with this overall concept of concurrency.

It implies that if Paul and I are sharing the same project and I make a change to a .bb file to experiment with something (assuming we have the ability to do that, refer to my last email) and my change breaks my build, it will break everyone else's build as well. But the beauty thing is that it breaks it silently, because the configuration silently changed for everyone on the project.

If you are saying that it won't happen because people won't share a project under active development, then I don't understand the value of sharing a project. Is it to share the package repo? The images? There are all kinds of ways of doing that.

I think someone needs to sit down and write out the *complete* user stories for how people use the system.

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