Re: [poky] [PATCH 4/5] kern-tools: create generic variables for platform/board/kernel

Richard Purdie

On Tue, 2011-01-11 at 14:10 +0800, Cui, Dexuan wrote:
Bruce Ashfield wrote:
2011/1/10 Cui, Dexuan <dexuan.cui@...>:
hmmm, looks this commit was not tested?
It was definitely tested. Built for every board. Feel free to revert
as required.
Hi Bruce,
I'm building poky-image-minimal on today's latest poky master 4b055ed and got the following failure.

With poky.git's latest 4b055ed, "bitbake kern-tools-native -c
fetch" fails because in, the latest
commit is still a494ddaf1c9151af8af8050e8427c9958440ec4c.
The commit "kern-tools: create generic variables for
platform/board/kernel" upgraded SRCREV_pn-kern-tools-native to
f553af04, but the wr-kernel-tools tree doesn't have such a commit
number, so I got the build failure. Can you please check that? Maybe
you forgot to push your internal commits into the public tree? :-)
I've just looked now and I don't know if anything has changed but the
head revision is:

which matches. A local build also succeeded.



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