Re: FW: Revised arch design of web hob with addition of web service part

David Stewart

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Sent: Friday, June 29, 2012 12:40 AM

On behalf of Uriel:

Please find the enclosure for the revised web hob design with the addition of
web service part. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
Uriel Liu
Guys - thanks for the update, this explains things better for me. Questions:

1. So you will be communicating with the bitbake server using SOAP rather than REST? Can we just call it SOAP (the specific implementation) rather than Web Service (which seems pretty generic)?

2. Slide 5 - still shows REST, should this be fixed with "Web service" or better with SOAP?

3. What is the license for the Django server? At some point we will need to analyze licensing of all the components we want to use, but just in general if you can let us know what we're dealing with.

4. Based on the above, would we be able to release all of the server-side software with the core Yocto Project release?



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