Re: <rant>the current yocto FAQ is pretty much valueless</rant>

Tomas Frydrych <tf+lists.yocto@...>

On 26/06/12 17:53, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
and if you want major industry players to take yocto seriously, the
last thing you want to do is answer their heartfelt pleas for
assistance with, "i'm sorry, that's technically not a yocto question,
you should try another mailing list."
That's never been case on this list as far as I recall, folk here are
pretty responsive to questions being asked.

At the same time, OE/Poky/Yocto is a fairly complex framework and nobody
should expect that the necessary expertize to build a commercial grade
products with it can be acquired by simply reading a FAQ, no matter how
well written, or by just endlessly asking questions on a mailing list.
As a commercial player you are either prepared to make the in house
investment that is necessary to acquire that expertize (reading the
documentation and studying the source code, etc.), or you you can buy
the expertize on commercial basis from someone who has it.


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