Re: <rant>the current yocto FAQ is pretty much valueless</rant>

Jack Mitchell <ml@...>

On 26/06/12 10:09, Robert P. J. Day wrote:


in other words, a *good* FAQ might be:

"how can i use the yocto prebuilt toolchains to save build time?"

a *bad* FAQ would be:

"Does the Yocto Project have a special governance model, or is it
managed as an open source project?"

the kicker is that that last question is, in fact, in the yocto FAQ,
along with a number of other questions that have never been asked by
anyone in the history of the planet. i chat about yocto with people
on a regular basis, and i can assure you, not a single one of them has
ever asked, "hey, rob, can you explain yocto's governance model?"

no, what they ask is, "hey, rob, how can i add a single package to
an existing target?" a question that, i should point out, is not
answered definitively in the existing docs *anywhere*.
I would go as far as saying this is the most asked question on the list and definitely a good candidate for the FAQ.

Along with:

Why does package XYZ get built when XYZ has nothing to do with the image I imagine I am building.

anyway, coffee is ready so i'm going to pour a cup and get back to
work. you're now free to yell at me.


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