how many meta-toolchain-* targets are there?

Robert P. J. Day

something that could be cleared up a bit in the docs ... how many
toolchain-related targets are there?

for instance, running bitbake suggests that common targets include
meta-toolchain and meta-toolchain-sdk. on the other hand, the ADT
manual makes no reference to meta-toolchain-sdk but *does* mention
meta-toolchain-gmae (without explaining to the reader what that
represents but nonetheless recommends to the reader that if he needs
GMAE, he should build that, whereupon the poor reader is left
wondering what the heck GMAE is and whether it's important).

and a search of the source shows a meta-toolchain-qte, for which i
can see no mention whatever in *any* of the docs.




Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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