Re: possible to replace octeon mips64 SDK with yocto mips64 SDK?

Khem Raj

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 9:48 PM, Bongseo Jang <graycells@...> wrote:
Hi, All.

I've built several yocto meta-toolchain's so far and now working on
replacing Cavium's official octeon mips64 SDK with yocto/oe mips64 SDK.
I really want to replace the Cavium-provided one because that is old and
drags product's development.

It seems possible because I think
  1) mips64 ISA is well-defined(and assuming Cavium never added extension)
  2) mips64-linux ABI is well-defined(and assuming Cavium never tweaked it)
  3) kernel will deal with everything about hardware, and we have the kernel
which Cavium provided to us

I started with copying qemumips.conf to qemumips64.conf, changed it like
and... 'bitbake meta-toolchain' has just finished.

 require conf/machine/include/
-require conf/machine/include/
+require conf/machine/include/

Do you think I've got a right SDK which replace the official SDK? And how
can I assure it?
(I have no idea about what the company like Cavium or other embedded product
companys do to their SDK)
I fear that my assumptions are questinable and misleading.
well we did mips64 work recently
but there is no sample machine for mips64 yet. what you did is fine
otherwise you can also see the patch

and this will add a qemumips64 machine and then you can do

MACHINE=qemumips64 bitbake meta-toolchain

to generate mips64 SDK

Be aware that mips64 support N64 ABI only at the moment in OE-Core



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