possible to replace octeon mips64 SDK with yocto mips64 SDK?

Bongseo Jang <graycells@...>

Hi, All.
I've built several yocto meta-toolchain's so far and now working on replacing Cavium's official octeon mips64 SDK with yocto/oe mips64 SDK.
I really want to replace the Cavium-provided one because that is old and drags product's development.
It seems possible because I think
  1) mips64 ISA is well-defined(and assuming Cavium never added extension)
  2) mips64-linux ABI is well-defined(and assuming Cavium never tweaked it)
  3) kernel will deal with everything about hardware, and we have the kernel which Cavium provided to us
I started with copying qemumips.conf to qemumips64.conf, changed it like below
and... 'bitbake meta-toolchain' has just finished.
 require conf/machine/include/qemu.inc
-require conf/machine/include/tune-mips32.inc
+require conf/machine/include/tune-mips64.inc
Do you think I've got a right SDK which replace the official SDK? And how can I assure it?
(I have no idea about what the company like Cavium or other embedded product companys do to their SDK)
I fear that my assumptions are questinable and misleading.


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