Hob - proper way to select machine and customer layers

Jim Abernathy

So I thought I'd give hob a test. Basically, I wanted to do what I could already do with the command line.

Normally, after I set the environment variables, I edit the local.conf to change my machine type and parallel processing options. Then I point the download directory to a centralized one on my system, and add some License statements and some CORE-IMAGE-EXTRA-INSTALL statements for extra packages. Then I edit the bblayer.conf to had the path to my layer and the meta-intel layers.

To use Hob, I set my environment variable and the just ran hob. It was very slow going through the first 63 packages. I think this is because parallel options had not been set and the packages were all being downloaded again. But after I got to the UI of hob, I got errors adding my layers to get to the meta-intel layers I wanted. So I started over and edited local.conf and bblayer.conf prior to launching hob. Now I could see my machine from meta-intel, but I could not add my layer in. Parsing errors.

Before I report an error, I wanted to see if I have the hob startup process right. The issues is around the right way to add meta-intel/meta-cedartrail and my personal layer in my home directory.

Any advice?


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