Re: self-hosted image vs. build appliance

David Stewart

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Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 9:24 AM

Does anybody know why are we calling it 'self-hosted-image' in Hob and
'build-appliance' in the Yocto Project website? Wouldn't it be easier if
we used the same name everywhere? Which one should be used?
Yes indeed, we should have consistent naming for this feature.

The problem is, neither name is very good.

"build-appliance" = an implication that the thing "just works" like an appliance should just work in your kitchen. Unfortunately, the name isn't very descriptive.
"Self-hosted-image" = a description of how the thing is constructed (it's a Linux OS which was constructed by the Yocto Project itself, and it builds using the Yocto Project).

So neither name is good, but build appliance is usually the one I use.

If anyone has a better name I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT. Otherwise please file a bug to change the self-hosted-image name to build appliance.


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