Re: developing with devshell and effect of the bitbake.conf file

David Stewart

Is anybody using devshell actively who can recreate this section of bitbake.conf?


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I want to throw this out for discussion.  I recently was looking at a section in the YP Reference manual ( where it talks about developing using devshell.  I asked Darren Hart if this was a valid development model and he says it is.  There is a part of the section though that talks about the bitbake.conf file.  That section in the conf file does not seem to exist anymore.  And, Darren (after some testing) doesn’t see how what is in the bitbake.conf file affects development with devshell.  Any comments welcome.



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On 06/12/2012 11:34 AM, Scott Rifenbark wrote:
> Hi Darren,
> So check out section
> This talks about the whole devshell model.  One thing in this section is
> not current and that is the UI/Interfaces Configuration section
> reference in bitbake.conf file.  Regarding the section though, is this
> still a valid development model?  Is it worth keeping around in the docs?
> As you can tell, I value your opinions greatly :)

As I understand it, this is still a perfectly valid working model.
Someone was just recommending it this week on the list.

As for the bitbake.conf file... I'm not sure. I thought this would have
been controlled by the following in local.conf.

# If you do not use (or have installed) gnome-terminal you will need to
# uncomment these variables and set them to the terminal you wish to use
# when resolving patches which cannot be applied
# Supported shell prefixes for *_TERMCMD and *_TERMCMDRUN ARE:

But... it clearly is not after some testing. Hrm... I don't see anything
matching in bitbake.conf either. Where this has migrated off to would be
a good question for the list, hopefully someone like Paul E. can answer
this quickly.

Darren Hart
Intel Open Source Technology Center
Yocto Project - Linux Kernel



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