Re: basic recipe building - iperf

Jim Abernathy

On 06/18/2012 05:21 PM, Marc Ferland wrote:
jfabernathy<jfabernathy@...> writes:

I needed to do some network performance testing on a Crownbay board and
needed iperf in that environment. Since I had the core-image-sato-sdk
image created, I just booted that and took the tarball from Sourceforge
and built it per the readme file instructions:
make install
After I completed my test, I thought about why not put that in my list
of personal recipes. I found the previous version of iperf in the
openembedded collection of benchmark recipes and just copied it over.
It built and worked fine. There were a lot of items in the .bb that I
didn't understand, so I thought for fun I'd just try to build a recipe
for iperf 2.0.5 and see what happened. My recipe is simple, mostly
taken from the openembedded 2.0.4 version had stripped down:
Hi JF,

I add the same problem you had with the man page stuff, try this patch.

thanks, that patch fixed it from a build point of view. now I'll build the image again and see what happens on the hardware.

Jim A

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