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My current test hardware for Yocto work is a Celeron-class Sandy Bridge-
based micro PC. As is to be expected for a machine like this, it's got modern
Intel graphics and wireless. Neither of which are supported by atom-pc, as
it's nominally a "generic netbook" image.

Let's face it -- it's a really bad generic netbook image, it's really a Asus
eeePC701-and-similar image. Specifically, only one wifi driver, only i915 GPU
driver, and so on.
I thought we had some Sandy Bridge BSP already?

I'm not arguing for a true generic kernel such as Fedora maintains which
boots on almost everything, just a new machine with more flexibility.
Including both i915 and i965 GPU drivers covers everything Intel-driven from
the earliest netbook to the latest Ivy Bridge[1]. Including the iwl wifi drivers
at least covers a good proportion of devices out there. There are probably a
few more drivers that are common and give big gains in support. Not exactly
boot on everything, but certainly boot on many.



[1] Ignoring Cedar Trail, but that's already in meta-intel
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