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Osier-mixon, Jeffrey <jeffrey.osier-mixon@...>

I agree, it is looking really interesting. Some comments below.

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 10:39 AM, Stewart, David C <david.c.stewart@...> wrote:
* This could be a great way for an organization to implement a workflow process using YP, rather than try to invent one themselves. We have gotten the feedback that some larger organizations want something like this, so I'm pleased with that direction.

Agreed - I have fielded a few questions about this as well
* With the above in mind, a key meta-usage is installing and configuring the server. For example, I could imagine an organization wanting to easily customize the home page with their own news and design information, etc.

* I could also see the opportunity for an OSV or service provider to brand the interface with their own goodness and extending it with their own features so this might be another meta-usage.

* And while I'm on a roll... whenever we talk about how the administrator installs this, we need consider how they update from a previous version, particularly if they have customized the home screen or other bits.

If branding & customization happen in CSS, the whole customization part should be portable from one version to another (as long as no one breaks anything structural). If we want to enable customization of functionality, though - e.g. pre-filter package selection, restrict certain features... - I could see that being tricky to implement in a portable way.
* Project creation and member add/remove should perhaps be an administrator role and password protected?

I vote yes on user management, but why password-protect project creation?

Other thoughts:

My feeling is that both Hob and WebHob will be most useful as tools to get people started. At some point, anyone who is doing more esoteric work than the Hob allows will need to learn how to get their hands dirty with recipes, config files, etc. For that reason, I really like the workflow focus, as that translates directly to the expected workflow of the whole build system. I suggest a future step might be guided configuration, guided recipe (and layer?) creation, and other progressive types of features that also show the workflow in action the way the current Hob does.

And I totally agree that the usability work you guys have done is making a huge difference in design. I like it! Want more!
Jeff Osier-Mixon
Yocto Project Community Manager @Intel

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