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Here's the link to the wikipage for the design for WebHob that we've been
working on here at the London office.

The direct link to the video screencast is here:
Friends - it looks very good. A couple of comments...

* This could be a great way for an organization to implement a workflow process using YP, rather than try to invent one themselves. We have gotten the feedback that some larger organizations want something like this, so I'm pleased with that direction.

* With the above in mind, a key meta-usage is installing and configuring the server. For example, I could imagine an organization wanting to easily customize the home page with their own news and design information, etc.

* I could also see the opportunity for an OSV or service provider to brand the interface with their own goodness and extending it with their own features so this might be another meta-usage.

* And while I'm on a roll... whenever we talk about how the administrator installs this, we need consider how they update from a previous version, particularly if they have customized the home screen or other bits.

* Project creation and member add/remove should perhaps be an administrator role and password protected?

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