Re: Web HOB planning discussion

Paul Eggleton

On Wednesday 13 June 2012 09:08:16 Darren Hart wrote:
The group/project concept is very interesting.

One thing I didn't see in the video, and perhaps you just couldn't cover
it, is how do you specify settings in local.conf? LICENSE settings for
Some of these settings should be available under "Settings" which isn't really
covered in the video other than the button being at the top right. I'm not
sure the current design can cover every possible setting you can set via
local.conf, but it should cover the basics (the settings currently configurable
in Hob v2 that make sense in the context of a central server - i.e. it may be
that the admin is the one that sets parallel make / threads dependent on the
hardware resources they have assigned). We can always add additional settings
in the future where they make sense.

As for the image writer, it really should not be limited to USB devices.
Indeed, but it's worth noting that the whole "deploy" section is a little
tricky anyway. In the design it's shown within the web interface but I'm not
sure how it can work there, given that it requires root privileges on the
client machine to write an image to the media. It's more likely that this will
be implemented in the form of an executable that is available for download
from the web interface, but we won't know for sure until it reaches
implementation. (I've talked to Jim about this already, what is there in the
design is a stand-in for the fact that the capability should be there in some
form, eventually at least.)



Paul Eggleton
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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