Re: Bugzilla Re-organization

Darren Hart <dvhart@...>

On 05/25/2012 03:38 PM, Michael Halstead wrote:
The first draft of the reorganized bugzilla is available for feedback
now at Outgoing e-mail is currently
disabled on this preview copy. Please feel free to take a look and see
if you spot any errors. Additional refinement of product or component
descriptions will be helpful as well.
It seems to me one should be able to find the linux-yocto kernel itself
under the Yocto Project Components from the basic search page. Currently
there is Kernel Tooling and BSPs, but there are times when the bug is
not BSP specific and is in the kernel itself, not the tooling. For this,
a hierarchy like the following might be preferable:

Yocto Project Components

I am still not sure how best to deal with BSPs here and BSPs in Build
System & Metadata. I think We should pick one or the other as the
distinction between the two is non-obvious (actually I have no idea what
it would be).

Tom, Bruce: opinions on the above?

"Build System & Metadata" and "Yocto Metadata Layers" use different
naming schemes for the components in the various layers products. Some
use meta- others do not.

Darren Hart
Intel Open Source Technology Center
Yocto Project - Linux Kernel

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