Re: UPnP demo - call for testing

Tian, Kevin <kevin.tian@...>

From: Joshua Lock
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 1:19 AM

Hi all,

I've successfully tested the UPnP demo in my office but would appreciate
someone else taking a bash.

Unfortunately you currently need my branch from poky-contrib (josh/demo)
and the corresponding branch from meta-demo (josh/demo).

The renderer and controller are installed together in the
poky-image-rygel image (I've been using the -live variant).

I needed to use amixer to enable the soundcard and increase the volume
on the netbook I was using.

"amixer set Master on
amixer set Master 75"

Run rygel from a terminal and launch gupnp-av-cp and you should be able
to set play music from a content store on the device. I haven't tested

I need to tweak the recipes some more so that:
* Rygel is configured and started automatically at boot on the rygel
* All of the required recipes are self contained in the master branch
meta-demo overlay.

I think this may mean using bbappend to extend recipes where I've
currently modified them in the main meta overlay, rather than
replication a recipe with the same PN and PV.

I'll probably work on this tomorrow.
I'd like to understand a full picture of this demo just in case others are
also interested in the test. From what I read so far:
Mark works on an NAS server
Darren covers a media server with mediatomb
Josh sits on UPnP renderer/controller with rygel and gupnp tools

So is the demo chained as below:

NAS server provides media contents which are then found and exported
by mediatomb which then are found by UPnP controller which then points to
the UPnP renderer for final output. Here UPnP controller and renderer may
or may not be the same board.

what Josh wants people to test here is self-contained in one image which
contains both renderer/controller and server (local media files), which hasn't
been connected to other bits yet.

Is above understanding correct?


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