Connecting to target using eclipse/ADT

Emir Elkholy <emirelkholy@...>

When connecting to my CRB that is running off a usb drive that has
yocto on it I am trying to connect to the CRB from my host in order to
debug using TCF agent. Through eclipse I am entering the IP address of
the target, and attempting to debug from the debug configurations
menu. Using a simple helloworld as an example, the file is actually
transferred to the target CRB, but the debugging fails. Eclipse gives
me a connection timing out error (not allowing me to debug). Is there
a link that describes how to connect to a physical target
using eclipse and the ADT? Is there anything that must be done on the
target side first before attempting to debug? I only enter the IP
address of the target under debug configurations, I don't setup
anything on the target side, maybe this is the problem? I followed the
same procedure as connecting to the QEMU (which works) as I did with
the physical hardware. I can't find anything online about a connection
time out either.


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