Re: sending ioctl 5310 to a partition!

Jim Abernathy

On 05/21/2012 05:18 PM, Emir Elkholy wrote:

I am trying to install an image of Yocto to my CRB (cedartrail). After
creating the bootable usb with the new image on it as a usb-zip
(because it is too large for the hdd method of install), I insert it
into one of the usb slots of my CRB. After turning the CRB on the
prompt says "boot". At this point if you don't type anything it just
runs the image off of the USB. This worked with no problem. What
didn't work was trying to install the new image on my CRB. When the
CRB starts with the USB attached, it prompts the user with "boot"
which at this stage i typed "install". It seemed as if it was
installing because it was outputting various text, but then it just
stopped after outputting to the screen "sending ioctl 5310 to a
partition!". Hopefully someone on the mailing list has seen this
before. Any advise would help.
If you want to put the image on a hard drive use the .ext3 image and follow the "how do I" on the wiki at:

Jim A

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