Re: UPnP demo - call for testing

Xu, Dongxiao <dongxiao.xu@...>

I'd also like to have a try, and building the demo image now.


Joshua Lock wrote:

Hi all,

I've successfully tested the UPnP demo in my office but would
appreciate someone else taking a bash.

Unfortunately you currently need my branch from poky-contrib
(josh/demo) and the corresponding branch from meta-demo (josh/demo).

The renderer and controller are installed together in the
poky-image-rygel image (I've been using the -live variant).

I needed to use amixer to enable the soundcard and increase the
volume on the netbook I was using.

"amixer set Master on
amixer set Master 75"

Run rygel from a terminal and launch gupnp-av-cp and you should be
able to set play music from a content store on the device. I haven't
tested video...

I need to tweak the recipes some more so that:
* Rygel is configured and started automatically at boot on the rygel
* All of the required recipes are self contained in the master branch
meta-demo overlay.

I think this may mean using bbappend to extend recipes where I've
currently modified them in the main meta overlay, rather than
replication a recipe with the same PN and PV.

I'll probably work on this tomorrow.


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